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  1. The human imagination is virtuosic. It is capable of imagining many incredible things. In ancient Athens many Athenians believed that the goddess Athena was a real entity. But of course believing in something doesn’t make it true, and it can be very reassuring to understand the difference between something we know and something we do not know. Sometimes just saying, “I don’t know,” is a very wise answer. It is better than believing something that is not true.

  2. Today, skeptics fight not only false assertions and misinterpretation of facts but also a fundamental distrust of science and a deep-seated paranoia about reputable institutions lying to the entire culture. As formidable as these issues are alone, they become exponentially worse because the spreaders of all this bad information have at their fingertips massive reach. Such is the case with flat earthers. On Sunday, June 10, 2018, about a dozen pro-science skeptics from the Independent Investigations Group (IIG) at the Center for Inquiry West in Los Angeles met a similar-sized group of flat earthers to demonstrate the curvature of the earth across the Salton Sea, a troubled body of salty water 160 miles southeast of Los Angeles, whose water level is going down and salinity is going up. There is also toxic dust from nearby agriculture that is polluting the air in the area. National Geographic Explorer was there to video the encounter.

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